Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Evaluate Clothes

You can still like an outfit that is immodest...

Wait, isn't this counter intuitive to what I have been posting before???

Yes  and  No 

It would be a problem if you just recognized it was cute and wore it anyway.  

This is how I deal with a cute outfit that is immodest:
I evaluate it and alter the outfit 
I try to find an outfit that is similar
but conforms to my modesty standard.

 How do you evaluate outfits?  Well, it's actually pretty simple.

To analyze this outfit I would look at it and think:

"I would love to wear this, but it is too low cut.  If it had a higher cut neckline, I would love to wear this."

Then, I would either wear an undershirt with it or try to find a similar outfit with a higher neckline.

Here is an example of a dress you could wear instead:

You can use the evaluation process with any outfit, here is another example...

"I really like the style of this dress, however I think that it is too short.  It would be better if it touched my knees."

In this situation you would either have to go with another dress, or if you're a sewer you could add white trim at the bottom of it.

I hope this helps you understand how to evaluate outfits!

Have a great weekend.