Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy St. Valentine's Day Everyone!

To celebrate the day, I would like to give you five reasons why I love modesty!


Me and my Valentine socks!


1.) We stand out.  

In our culture modesty is a rare thing. When we dress modestly, we are automatically different from the rest of America.  Plus, when we dress differently we become a trend setter.

Some may say that guys don't notice when girls dress modestly...


Check out these other posts from guys to a Modesty Survey folks from the Rebelution put together:

"-It makes a big difference to me if ladies are dressed modestly. If you are dressed immodestly I will try to have as little as possible to do with you; I will leave the room or make conversations as short as possible just to avoid temptation." 

"Yes, we notice -- it is like the clean/dirty house thing. We all know that a house is dirty, or that a girl is dressing immodestly -- but we may not notice that your house is clean, or that you dress modestly, but we all notice how much more pleasant it is to be around -- whether the house or the modest young lady, both are most pleasant when clean and pure."

"As a Christian guy, I tend to "filter out" immodestly dressed girls. Not to ignore their existence, but just to be aware of women who tend to dress in ways that would be hard for me to talk to or look at."

2.) You make others feel comfortable around you.  

I know this from experience, being around a woman with a low cut shirt makes me feel uncomfortable, and I'm not even a guy!  This brings me to my next point...

3.) You give the male portion of the population a break!  

Another quote from the Modesty Survey:

"Young ladies who dress and act modestly make a huge difference. I can also feel safe around them, rather than constantly on-guard. And just seeing them is an encouragement: it helps me realize again that I am not alone in the battle."

4.) It "forces" us to be more creative with our clothing!  

If I dressed immodesty, I could go to a mall and buy anything, but because of my modesty standard (and budget) I often shop at thrift and resale shops.  This impels me to "design" my own outfits. 

5.) People can easily appreciate our character, therefore we are more respected.  

When we dress immodestly people can be so involved in their emotions surrounding our clothes and bodies that they can stereotype or disrespect us.  
I thought this quote summed it up:

"I respect a modestly dressed girl SO much! It shows so much of their inner character, strength to fight the culture, and care for their brothers [in Christ]!"

Want even more encouragement to dress modestly?

Check out the Modesty Survey here!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Should Be In ~ No.1


They were once required when leaving the house, now however, hats are an optional fashion statement.

Thankfully though, it is easy to be unique when wearing them, because they are so rare on the everyday scene.

They can make amazing signature styles!
For example:

Tiffany Lee (Plumb) is a Christian music artist I enjoy listening to.
She uses hats as her signature style.

Tips with hats:

When you choose a hat to wear, it's shape should be opposite to what your face shape is.

For example: If you have a round face, try not to wear round hats.  If you have a long face, stay away from tall hats.

Your hats should compliment the skin tone of your face. 
See how the light hat doesn't add color, but the black hat adds contrast and sophistication to her face.
(If she had a darker complexion, the lighter hat would provide more contrast; therefore, it would be more complimentary to her skin pigmentation.)