Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

Daily Design no.20 Steampunk Much?

Want to see a style go modest?  
Comment a style you would like to see designed!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can Shoes Be Immodest? ~ A Discussion

I have been wondering over the past years if shoes can be a stumbling block.

Hahaha, pun intended!

Anyway, what I am asking is: 
  • Can shoes cause men to have inappropriate thoughts? 
  • Or is it just certain shoes in certain situations; paired with certain outfits? 
  • At what point does a high heel become immodestly high? 
  • And are laces which go up the leg appropriate? 

So please, give your opinion, or your Dad's or Mom's opinion, or your friend's or sibling's opinion.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts...

I have labeled the photos below with numbers; please reference these when you want to discuss a particular shoe! 
Also please remember to keep your comments loving!  I have seen other websites where they had to band modesty discussions because they got so heated; I really don't want to do this!

Note: compare no.4 with no.1.
Note: compare no.5 color with no.2; does the color make a difference?

                  Note: the height of the cut out leather (no.6) v.s. no.3; does this make it more

Note: Does the height of the laces in no.7 make these shoes immodest?

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Fashion Show Interview Video is Out!

After so much time, I have finally released my fashion show interview video! 
In this video, the models share their thoughts and feelings about the show and modesty! 

Please watch and share! 

Thank you and God bless!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Where I Am At

Hello, sorry that there has not been any designs lately, I will start posting those next Monday.

Anyway, I thought I would take moment and tell you all what I am up to.

First, I have decided to base my office at home.  (I had thought about joining The Runway in Lansing (a business incubation program), but I decided not to at this point, because of the overhead costs it entails)  To do this I need to reoranize my home with the help of my mom and my sister.
This will delay the online opening of my business, however I will be keeping up with the blog and the other social media pages.  
I hope to eventually open an online clothing store, but I know this will take lots of effort, time, and prayers.

Second, I have decided not to call my design collection Breakfast Musings.  It will be called Daily Designs.

Third, I have decided to rename my business Demure.  I feel like this name better fits the aspect of my business and will more appropriately represent a fashion business.  I will change the name on the social media pages next week.

I hope this gives you an understanding of what I am working toward.  I hope that you keep me and this business in your prayers.