Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Should Be In ~ No.2

Dressing up before going out of the house...

I mean I know I was home schooled so going out of the house was something I did about twice a week, but still, really people?  

Let's improve the representation of ourselves as a society!  

Going to the grocery store in your sweats might be comfy, but what will people think of you?

 Will they hold you with the respect you deserve?
Or will they think you a couch potato? 

As far as what to wear, I'm not saying that we need to dress in a ball gown to buy a gallon of milk at the gas station, but what about a nice shirt, jeans, and earrings or a necklace.  

Here are some cute outfit ideas that you can wear to any store, weather you are pumping gas or stocking up on your favorite sleepover snacks. 

Simply by adding accessories these outfits are turned from normal to nice!