Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What The Fashion Industry Needs to Stop Doing!

Happy Wednesday, I hope you all had a fantastic week so far!

I have been busy over the last couple work days with Demure's bridesmaid dress commission, and planning for my Spring fashion show!  I hope to have it filmed and posted on the blog.  I will be showing six items; one bridesmaid dress, two up-cycles (from last year's show), and three original designs from yours truly. ;)

Now on to the article.

What the Fashion Industry Should Stop Doing

Writing "What Styles are Out" articles:
     Fashion is about expressing your personality with your clothing. I understand that some people might have been walking around in a certain style (for example, a peplum) since 20-whatever and might be bored of it, but don't say that others who are still wearing them are "not stylish" or "not fashionable".  That denies others the ability to express their own style, or prevents them from enjoying their favorite trends.
     Plus, some fashion journalists don't put into perspective that people who have less money or choose not to spend much for clothing cannot get a hold of an article until it is "out of style".
     Now I am not saying that being current is not something to strive towards, but don't tell me that I am not fashionably dressed if I wear an older trend.  (I mean, for the last few years haven't we been emulating past eras anyway?)

Using sexual advertising to get people to buy their items:
     This type of advertising is low for two reasons.  The first being, that it is obviously inappropriate and objectifies people.  The second is, that it shows that the styles that they have created are so badly done they need the help of animalistic behavior to be bought; in short, it lowers the acclaim of that brand.

Photoshopping people to make them look more "beautiful":
     I'm not talking about photoshopping to remove zits or using a filter, but rather changing someone's body shape to make it look thinner or more "beautiful".  This is not only lying to their customers about how their clothing looks on the body, but it also can cause insecurities and create self-loathing in people. 

Using cheap and horrid labor conditions to produce their clothing:
     I mean, come on!  We are so blessed in this country that we over look that others, who sometimes are child workers, are making our clothing in disgusting conditions.  Please people, produce our items locally or use a fair trade manufacturer.

What The Fashion Industry Should Be Doing:

Donating money, clothing, or food to the less fortunate:
     Some designers are already sharing what they have, which is so cool!  I think designers are tasked with the mission of providing the population with beautiful clothing.  I think that this should also include people who can't afford quality clothing.  Tom's shoes provides an amazing example of helping the less fortunate!

Teaching people how to maintain a healthy and beautiful body:  
     Exercise, a healthy diet, and lots of water are all important parts of looking and feeling healthy.  I think that people in the fashion industry should be encouraging people to take care of their bodies.  A lot of what human nature considers beautiful is what people would generally look like if they listen to their body and take care of it.
     For example, pimples are a struggle for teens, and sometimes they cannot be controlled, but other times they are a result of your body reacting to certain things. (Like if I eat too much dairy, I break out in the middle of my forehead. You can read this article for more information: What is Your Acne Telling You?)

Teaching people in third world countries to successfully run their business:
     World Vision is doing a great job of providing women in developing countries with business loans that "recycle" and help hundreds of women.

Using models that don't fit the typical model specifications:
     Even though I don't agree with their modesty standard, I love that Modcloth is using models that are real!

Now I understand that some of you might feel that you cannot help in these issues, because you don't work in this industry, but you can!  When you buy from brands who uphold better standards, you are encouraging them to keep doing those positive things!