Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Plaid Dress

So are all of you feeling inspired today? 
Well I am, and here's why: 

Yep, that's right, my first garment construction video! I have learned so much while making this, but the most important lesson was not giving up! During this, I felt that I was making something that was going to fail or look horrible, but in the end, I really love how it turned out. 
Perseverance, baby! Whoot!
Just a reminder: my clothing business, Demure, will be opening its online shop on January 1st, 2016! 
I hope you all take the time and follow Demure's social sites, it would really mean a lot to me: 
Instagram: @DemureFashions
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 Also, if you haven't taken my survey for Demure, I would really appreciate it as well: 
So, do you like to upcycle clothes? Or would you be willing to try it? 
Let me know in the comment section!