Monday, January 20, 2014

What's Your Trademark?

Do you notice when one of your friends always seems to have the cutest headbands?
Or that other friend often has their nails painted with amazing designs?

This is their signature style.

A signature style or trademark transforms an outfit from generic to personal; it can be as simple as an accessory or as fantastic as a certain type of outfit.

For instance, your clothing could reflect a certain era of time.  For example, if you are a fan of Audrey Hepburn, your outfits could have a 60s flair.


Having an assortment of bow bracelets or a collection of zany shoes could be you trademark.

 A few thing to remember when you are choosing your style:
  1.  Who do you want others to perceive you as?  Classic, dramatic, fun loving? 
  2. You want to truly love it, because people will relate it to you.  
  3.  You want it to be something that will survive throughout the ever changing trends.  Not just a fad that is here today and gone tomorrow. 
  4. If you are having trouble, you could try one style for a week and try a different one for another week.  See which one makes you feel more like yourself.   
  5.  Have fun!!!  It can seem daunting to choose a style... Chill!
  6. Watch out!  Certain styles can send inappropriate messages, so be cautious when you choose your style. 
  7. Remember to show the beautiful self God made you to be, and not to buy into the lie that the media is advertises.