Friday, May 30, 2014

Highlighted Zippers... Under Debate.

We have all seen it, this style of zippers highlighted down the back of clothing. 

When I first saw this I thought "Oh cool!  I can do that and what a fun way to embellish!"  
But as I continued the consider it, a thought came to me, 
"Could this style send a bad message?"  
A really horrible, degrading message of 
"Look how easily my clothes can come off"  

That. Is. Disgusting. 

So, I am asking your opinion: 
Do you consider this highlighted zipper style harmless or provoking?  

And if they do send the wrong message, are only the long zippers the culprits?
 Or are the short ones as well?  

Can it depend on the situation?
For instance, does it make a difference if I wear this style to a school dance or a wedding? 

For me, it depends a lot on the garment, some definitely scream "sexual" while others are just harmless.  Also, I think that it would be more appropriate to have this style on a garment you would wear it to a wedding rather than a school dance.  In addition to that, I think the long highlighted zippers can send more of a bad message than short ones.  
However, I am still on the fence.

I think we also need to ask the thoughts of our fathers as well as our brothers in Christ.  
See what they are thinking.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  

The point of this post is NOT to point fingers, but to discuss then effects of wearing garments with these embellishments.