Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can Shoes Be Immodest? ~ A Discussion

I have been wondering over the past years if shoes can be a stumbling block.

Hahaha, pun intended!

Anyway, what I am asking is: 
  • Can shoes cause men to have inappropriate thoughts? 
  • Or is it just certain shoes in certain situations; paired with certain outfits? 
  • At what point does a high heel become immodestly high? 
  • And are laces which go up the leg appropriate? 

So please, give your opinion, or your Dad's or Mom's opinion, or your friend's or sibling's opinion.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts...

I have labeled the photos below with numbers; please reference these when you want to discuss a particular shoe! 
Also please remember to keep your comments loving!  I have seen other websites where they had to band modesty discussions because they got so heated; I really don't want to do this!

Note: compare no.4 with no.1.
Note: compare no.5 color with no.2; does the color make a difference?

                  Note: the height of the cut out leather (no.6) v.s. no.3; does this make it more

Note: Does the height of the laces in no.7 make these shoes immodest?