Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Me in Chicago!

Last week I went to Chicago!

This trip was originally to drop off my good friend Amber at the Diamond Headache Clinic (click HERE to support her), however my Mom and I decided to put our money together so we could stay another night.

Our goal was to gain knowledge of current high-end fashion and have a blast doing it!

Our quest began at Neiman Marcus.
I had never heard of this store before, and the experience was amazing!  

There were four floors: 
The first contained mainly purses and jewelry, but it also had a few designer rooms.  
The second and third floors contained women's clothing; ranging from ball dresses to jeans. 
The fourth floor contained men's wear and decor.  

Overall, it was sensational and very educational!
I met a lovely attendant who was very understanding of my business goals and dreams.  We talked about trends and directions of fashion, which was so encouraging!
(I'll talk more about this in a later post.)

When we left Nieman Marcus, we took Amber from the clinic to the hospital.  After saying goodbye, we drove back the hostel (Which was so cool!) and had lunch.

Our room.
The Lobby.

Then we set out for the
Magnificent Mile!

This was so exciting!  
I'm from the country, so having all these people, noises, and attractions was intimidating, but wonderful!

We took the red line train from Fullerton Avenue to Chicago Street.
 After wandering through the streets, we were finally directed to the Magnificent Mile! 

For those of you who don't know (like me two weeks ago) the Magnificent Mile is:
"One of the top 10 hospitality, dining and retail destinations in the world, with endless shopping, international cuisine, top rated hotels, lively entertainment, majestic architecture and natural beauty at every turn, The Magnificent Mile offers visitors to Chicago a one-of-a-kind city experience."  
You can visit their website here:
When we got there, we went into AllSaints; their decor was so creative and cohesive!

As you can see they used glass table tops welded to old factory machinery to display their wears!
               Too many sewing machines to count!  I'm in heaven! 

Then we went into Saks Fifth Avenue! 

Obviously these outfits aren't up to my modesty standard, but I love these displays so much!

It was one of the most classy setups I had ever seen!  And the most expensive!  
One orange fur coat was $36,000! 

After this was, of course, The Disney Store! 

They had Aristocats on!

Then we went to Tiffany's!

Next was Ralph Lauren.

I love this store's classic theme!

Finally we went to Macy's.
On the way we passed the iconic Water Tower and the Topshop.

 After eating dinner (we found gluten free pizza!) we headed back to the hostel.

One of the trains we took.

All in all, it was a great day!