Friday, October 3, 2014

Please support my friend, Amber!

Hi everyone! 

Please support my friend, Amber!  

Several years ago, Amber fell off of her horse and had a concussion, which resulted in a severe head injury that caused her to have extreme headaches for the past four years.  

But there is HOPE!

Amber has been accepted into a program that will help her heal, however this costs a great deal on money. 

She has a "Go Fund Me" campaign to help her pay for her headache treatment.  
There is such a huge presence of the Holy Spirit at the hospital where she is at; because of this, I really feel the treatment she's going through, is going to help her overcome these headaches.

This is Amber and I on our way to her treatment!

Or if you cannot donate money, please keep her in your prayers over the next few weeks!