Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Costumes to Clothing no.1 ~ Penelope Wilhern

I have decided to start another type of post...

~Drum Roll Please~

Costumes to Clothing!!! (yeah the title kind-a gave that away)

These will feature some of my favorite movie/tv costumes and show you how to get these looks yourself! Note: I will not agree with some of the modesty standards of these costumes pictured, but I hope to find alternatives so we can modestly dress like our favorite characters!

Our first Costume to Clothing subject will be: Penelope Wilhern.
Penelope is one of my favorite movies.  It is about a girl who is born in a rich family, but because of the snobbishness of her ancestors, she has been cursed with the nose of a pig.  The art style is one of the aspects that make this movie so great!  The details on her costumes are amazing; I would dress like her every day if I could! 

Below are some clothing items that I think would work to match her different looks!

    For her striped shirt:
     1.) Read-Through Ready Top from modcloth
     2.) Ready to Roll Credits Top from modcloth
     3.) Stripes Your Fancy "Dress" (I would wear this as a shirt) from modcloth

   For the bottom outfit:
    White shirt:
     1.) Bebop Dots Top from modcloth
     2.) Alfani Angel-Sleeve Crochet Blouson Top from Macy's
     1.) Jukebox DJ Jumper from modcloth (depending on how you wear this, it could be immodest)
     2.) Study Up for Fun Jumper from modcloth

    For her dresses:
     1.) About the Artist Dress from modcloth (I think an undershirt is a must with this one)
     2.) Mix the Moxie Dress from modcloth (I would also wear an undershirt with this dress)
     3.) Guest of Honor Dress from modcloth
     4.) Too Much Fun Dress from modcloth

As you can see, Penelope loves details. Below are tutorials so you can make some of them:

     1.) Flower Embellishment Tutorial from All Free Sewing
     2.) How to Sew a Basic Fabric "Yo yo" from About Sewing
     3.) Dogwood Branches Embellishment from The Cloth Parcel

Or if you are not into crafting, these are some really fun embellishments I found on Etsy:

     1.) Crochet Flowers
     2.) Fun Buttons
     3.) Crochet Peacock Feathers
     4.) Fabric "Yo yo"

And finally, that scarf!

     1.) The Replica of Penelope's Scarf from Etsy
That is a little over my price range, so here are some alternatives.
     2.) Jones New York Pashmins Wrap from Macy's
     3.) Prettiest Girl in Plume Scarf from modcloth
     4.) Brighten Up Circle Scarf from modcloth

So what is a character you would like to dress like? 
What did you think about this post? 

Note: I do not agree with the stores or websites I listed above on different issues/modesty standards, so please remember to look through them carefully, as you would with any website.