Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life & From Costumes to Clothes ~ Cinderella

I have announcement to make.

I have decided to go to collage for public relations and advertising!  I am applying to Spring Arbor University and am eagerly waiting their answer.

What this means for you...
Nothing!  I will still be writing and posting designs.

What this mean for me:
It will delay my opening an Etsy shop, but I still hope, if I have enough time, to do so. I hope this education will help my business.

Now on to fashion!
As you know the costumes in the movie Cinderella are amazing!

These are dresses that I think match Cinderella's style:
Ora Dress from Modli
Kiera Dress from Modest Pop
Deena Dress from Modli
Lilac Dress from Modli

In the movie they have a lot of flower embellishments. (As you can see in the top left-hand photo) Below is how to make your own flowers with wire and nail polish! (I would suggest dipping your wire instead of painting it)  

More costumes to clothes!
Look-a-likes of Cinderella's mother's dress:
Jasmine Dress from Modest Pop
Thanks Floral You've Done Dress
Give It Floral You Dot Dress

Things that remind me of the stepsisters:
Arripidae Dress
Pink Tulle Polka Dot Skirt
Pink Rose Skirt

Note: I will not agree with some of the modesty standards of these costumes pictured, but I hope to find alternatives so we can modestly dress like our favorite characters!

Ahhh I love these costumes! :) Which one is your favorite?
I really hope the designer wins an Oscar!