Wednesday, April 15, 2015

From Costumes to Clothes ~ Gwen Stacy

I have admired Gwen Stacey's outfits for the past few years; this character is one of my style icons.

So I thought that I would do a post about her style!
(Remember that with this blog post: I don't agree with the modesty standard of all of the clothing shown, but the alternatives I provide I think are modest.)

First let's start with her hair.

I love the simple elegance of her hair accessories, usually, it is just a hair ribbon or a headband, but sometimes it is a slouchy beanie. (Link to a cute, cheap Beanie on amazon)
In the first movie, Gwen's hair was strait; in the second it is curly. Which one do you like better? If you like the curly style, below is a tutorial that shows how to quickly achieve those lovely curly locks.  

Now, let's look at her outfits! 

Generally, the things that stand out in her outfits are short skirts, knee socks, and a jackets. Sometimes there are variations to her clothing, but they pretty much have the same classic/minimalistic feel.

Here we see her jackets. Wow, I love these things! I think Gwen had a thing for coats. (Like I do for scarves) What is your favorite part of Gwen's wardrobe?

Here are modest clothing items that match Gwen's style!

A Trip Into Town from Modcloth
Admirable Individuality from Modcloth
Navy Lace Skirt from Modestpop

National Cable Knit Socks from Amazon
Black Lace Socks from BocajandCo on Etsy
ABC Lace Trim Socks from Amazon (These ones aren't exactly her look, but I LOVE them)

All Night Blogathon (Raglan Top) from Modcloth
Spacedye Sweater from Maurices 
Polka-dotted Blouse from Modli

Dashing on the Snow from Modcloth
Grey Long Wool from Modli
Academia Ahoy from Modcloth
Larry Levine Double Breasted from Amazon
Melodic Morning from Modcloth

Now if you are like me, you can't afford these items. That's okay! Style doesn't need to be expensive. If you like any of these items, make them, search for them on eBay or find them at a resale/consignment shop (Goodwill, Volunteers of America or my favorite, Plato's Closet)

If you like to sew, below are some tutorials that will help you make your own Gwen Stacy wardrobe:
Tutorial on making a pencil skirt from Marrick's Art
DIY Spring-Summer Jacket from Plan B
Bias Tape Tutorial from Positively Splendid (This is if you want the finished edges look on your jacket the same as the left hand pics above.)
Pinterest is an amazing place to find tutorials.

Have a great week!