Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Horror of the Crop-Top ~ Solved!

Crop tops, their name is enough to send chills down any modest fashionista’s spine. How, in the name of good honest modesty, are we supposed to adapt this trend for our wardrobe?

Well, hopefully I have solved this problem in a way that allows us to wear this trend, but still be modest!

Solution no.1: Wearing an under shirt.

Okay, so this is probably crossed all of your minds already, but let me go a little more in depth of what I think about this. When you pick an undershirt, it needs to strike a balance between loose and fitted so as to keep the “this is a shirt, not skin” message clear, while not looking too baggy. This can depend on the style of shirt and your comfort level. Personally, I try to meet the fitted/loose balance and choose a color that is not near my skin tone. (because I’m caucasian I usually stay away from white and beige colored undershirts)
I try to find a complimentary color to the crop top, or one that ties into the design of the shirt. For example, I have a blue crop top with a black bow on the chest; instead of trying to find a matching blue, I wore a black undershirt instead.

Solution no.2: Turn it into a peplum.

From what I know, the peplum came before the crop top, in this era that is. So, making your top into a peplum might be back tracking, but as you know I LOVE these things, so yeah, who cares about current trends.
Adding a peplum to your crop top can be difficult, because finding a similar fabric type and color can be enough to stress anyone, but I’m sure us fashion pioneers can handle it!
I would recommend using the same “color theory” as mentioned above. You can also add an under layer to your peplum to prevent showing skin when it’s a little breezy outside and your shirt just won’t stay down.
Below is my info-sketch (I’d call it an info-graphic, but it’s not that fancy) that illustrates what I’m talking about:

Solution no.3: Sew a permanent layer to the peplum.

This is probably the most practical, because of the coolness factor (I mean avoiding heat, hehe) and the fact the it won’t fly up in your face.
I would recommend doing this only to fitted crop tops, because I think it would look funny on looser ones, but I don’t know everything (shocking, right? ;-) )
Fabric and color choice are just, if not more, important here as it is in solution no.2. Try to choose fabric that is the same weight and type as the top that you are attaching it to. Also make sure that the fabric you’re choosing has some sort of give, or just make sure that you will be able to get in and out of your shirt.

Well there you have it. Three ways to turn the crop-top horror into something we can wear.

So what are your thoughts about crop-tops? Can they be turned modest, like suggested above, or will they always be in your no-no box?
Feel free to comment your ideas on how to make these tops modest; I’d love to know more!