Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Late Summer Fashion

People keep saying that "Summer is over." Well apparently they didn't pay attention in their 1st grade class. We have almost a month left of summer, people! Below are some styles that you can wear as the summer is cooling down. (Please take note that I didn't say ending)

Capris are excellent for this time of year! They let your lower legs still get air and then, when the day ends, you have their warmth when you sit by the bonfire!

Plaid button ups; these will add a little farm pep to your wardrobe, and like the Capris the sleeves can be rolled up or let down depending on the weather. Plus, you can also wear a T underneath it just in case it gets too hot!

Blazer. Of course for Summer you would want to go with a 3/4 sleeve, but what else could you want? You could go chic or victorian, bright or earth toned; the choices are endless!

I hope that you will have a fun late summer!