Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Indian Fashion!

Okay, so maybe the love of this style came from watching too much of the Australian TV show "The Elephant Princess" or it could have come from watching "Bride and Prejudice" (the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudiced, which is terribly cheesy yet hilarious) but my love for Indian fashion is growing out of control! So I've once again gone-a-Pinteresting and found some clothing and styles I love!

Below, we see a lots of gold details. These outfits remind me of royalty and romance. 

Pinks and blues together are my favorite! Not to mention the Kashmiri shawls!

 Here we see more of a pastel pallet; I find these looks calming.

 These dresses remind me of prom fashion! (For those of you attending homecoming or prom, you should consider going Indian! I feel like it would be unique!)

 More details! I love the intricacy of this style!

 Now, I have tried to find an everyday look to match the Indian style, though it was hard, I think I figured out several characteristics that contribute to this look:
   1.) Paisley (this includes beaded paisley)
   2.) 3/4 sleeves
   3.) Yoked waistline (see colorful dress on the far left.)
   4.) Tassels
   5.) Line v.s. Geometric designs. (see pants and dress on the far right.)

As you can see I adore this style, but I think I've said that enough. What do you think about it?