Thursday, September 24, 2015

Audrey Hepburn's Style

Hey all! Because Audrey is a style icon for many of us, I'd thought I would highlight some of her style choices so we might imitate it in our outfits.

One thing I like about Audrey's look is her face. Nothing is overdone, it is natural and dramatic all rolled into one. I think her whole style reflects this concept.

As you can see, one of shirts she commonly wore was a long sleeved crew-necked tee.
She lightly used accessories and patterns in her outfits. To me, this makes her outfits classic and chic, while they draw attention to her face.
Audrey is often pictured in cigarette pants; for your outfits you can just wear a loose pair of skinny jeans instead.

Here we see her with a doubled-breasted coat, though I'm sure she wore other coats, we can always don one of these for instant style.

Above, we see several different dresses that she wore. The one on the far left is my favorite and even though the details on the dress are elaborate, her accessory choices are still subtle.

What I think is so cool about Audrey's style is that it can be so easily translated into our modern era; plus it lends itself to being modest.
When you try this, remember less is more. Let your classic choices sing their own praises!

Have a fabulous week, Darling! (Too bad I can't be as classy as her when she says it!)