Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Renaissance Festival!

Every year between the end of August and the beginning of October the Renaissance Festival comes to Michigan! This gives my friends and I a chance to dress up and basically step back in time!

The first week I attended, I wore this wedding dress I found for $15 at Volunteers of America. While it was pretty, I thought that more could be done to it...

So, I dyed it blue!  I also made fake hips which gave it the Marie Antoinette look! (Although, Marie was not alive during the Renaissance, I thought that it was still fine to wear.) I also ended up removing the rosettes off the shoulders as well as the bows from around each elbow.

One of the things I love about the Festival is the scenery! It actually looks like a town during the Renaissance era.

As you can see below there is a pirate ship that is used as a shop! They also have jousting tournaments, a birds of prey show, as well as other fun shows on stages throughout the park.

The have plenty of things to buy from food to jewelry. I bought this ring-bracelet that you see below; I thought it went well with my costume, but also had the versatility to wear with outfits at home.

One of the shops we visited sold tapestries! Below are some of my favorites:

The second time we went, we were celebrating Emma's 21st Birthday! My Aunt gave her, my mom and I free tickets for the day! (Thanks Aunt Cindy!!!)

Our friends also attended the Fest that day. We loved hanging out with them!

The masks in the upper right hand picture are made by my friend Tara. Her shop, Griffin Forge has amazing masks! You should check it out!!

So have any of you been to a Renaissance Festival? Or another event that your had to dress up for?

Photo credit: Myself, Nate H. and Tammy P.